I'm not on a mission to suck up to the admin guy here, but I've recently read that you used to be involved with the Commodore 64.

As an ex C64 addict I'm very curious to know a little bit more about this. What specific games were you in on? What went wrong with Commodore anyway (it used to be a massive company but now it seems to have vanished)? What's your general opinion of the C64 now a days?

For what it's worth, I miss the C64. Although the graphics (obviously) can't touch what's out there today, I think the C64 had better and much more imaginative games. Now-a-days, all we seem to have is shoot em ups, football games and flight simulators.

Anyway, please forgive the nostalga trip but it's just something that I've been meaning to bring up. It would certainly be a real fluke if it turned out that you were in on some of the games that I was hooked on!


PS- I recently uploaded a review for a C64 game on my website (along with a downloadable clone of the game). If anyone's interested the address is

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