Well... it certainly sounds better than typing out invoices in some crappy office all day.

"Classic Adventure", for what it's worth, was an adventure game that was created by Melbourne House. As far as I'm aware it one one of the very first games that came out for c64. The cover for the game shows a picture of a skull and a chest full of treasure (just incase that jogs any memories).

But I can dig what you're saying. Some of the original arcades are amazing. I know a guy who used to play the original Star Wars game (the X-wing one) for literally about 8 hours a day. Instead of going to school in the morning, every day he'd go straight to the arcade and would stay there all day playing the thing. He ended up so good at the game that one shot would last him for literally the whole day! He kept this routine going for years until eventually the arcade boss gave him a tenner and told him never to come back again!

I recently asked the X-Wing dude what his high score was for that game and he said with a totally serious face, "80 million".

-now *that's* dedication for you!!!!