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I too moved on to Amiga's, and they got me MIDI sequencing.

What software did you use for sequencing on the Amiga ? I saw a few sequencers on the Amiga but the only one I felt comfortable with was Australian software called CQuin (I think that was its name as it was a long time ago ). MusicX always seemed too clumsy. I never got to try Bars & Pipes so I don't know about that one.

The Atari ST seemed have a lot more MIDI software written for it mainly because of the inbuilt MIDI ports it came with. Funny thing is that the MIDI ports were a last minute addition to the ST. They were having a chip set developed much the same ( identical actually according to their lawyers ) as the Commodore Amiga. A company called Lorraine were commisioned to design the chips. They then brought out the Lorraine Amiga ( with the audio chips ) and told Atari it didn't work out with their chips ... funny about that. Lorraine sold out to Commodore so then Atari sued Commodore over the use of their money that was used to develop the Amiga chips. Anyway Atari had to use what was available which was not capable of more than simple bleeps. To compensate for the lack of digital audio on the ST they threw on the MIDI ports to make it more attractive to musicians who were starting to use computers for music production. While it was just an afterthought it turned out to be one of the best features of the Atari ST and resulted in lots of MIDI commercial and freeware software being developed for it. Emagic's Logic started life on that platform then developed by CLab. Steinberg sequencers first appeared on the C64.

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