I am not really sure which game you mean when you say "Classic Adventure" ? Melbourne House may have done a number of games I am not familiar with.

The adventure game that Melbourne House was famous for in the 80s was "The Hobbit" which came out for most platforms around at that time. It was programmed by a very clever programmer Phillip Mitchell. He no longer works in the game industry any more as far as I know.

I am currently working 16-24 hour days trying to finalize a new game on the PS2 for Sierra called Metal Arms : Glitch In The System. See http://www.gamechronicles.com/qa/metalarms/glitch.htm for a description of the game.

Never thought that when I was almost 50 I'd still be working around the clock programming video games. Pays the bills I guess But it has been a very cool career for the past 20 years. I certainly don't regret all those coins I pumped into arcade video machines between band rehearsals back in the 80s. I used to play Pacman a lot back when it first came out and then Namco paid for me to put it on video game consoles for almost 2 years. What goes around comes around I guess.

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