I have very fond memories of working on the C64 and you are right. Many games then have better and more varied gameplay than most modern games. I guess because of the limited memory and CPU power programmers had to provide more imaginative gameplay.

I worked for a company called Melbourne House in Melbourne Australia. I worked on

Bop 'N Wrestle (Rock 'N Wrestle in the UK)
Exploding Fist II - The Legend Continues
Bedlam - a vertically scrolling space shootem
Sgt Slaughter's Mat Wars

After that the C64 was pretty much done and I then converted Cinemareware's Rocket Ranger to the NES. I then moved to Ventura County to work for Cinemaware who then went away into the void as did the Commodore Amiga on which they had so much time invested. Funny thing is I still work with many of those from Cinemaware still today. We all work for a company called Mass Media. Over the past few years I have been developing Namco Museum game collections on the N64, GBA, PS2, XBox and Gamecube featuring the original Namco arcade games from Pacman, DigDug and MsPacman through to the more advanced Arrangment versions that came out. Sort of fun putting those games on modern consoles and they were all running the original code that Namco provided us so they are the real thing.

In the early 90s I did a bunch of baseball games including Bo Jackson Baseball, Cal Ripken Jr, Sports Illustrated Football & Baseball. Though that pretty much gave me my fill of sports games.

Now I am am working on a PS2 version of Sierra's new upcoming game Metal Arms - Glitch In The System
You control a small robot called Glitch who has to take the world back from evil robots that have taken over. It is a 3rd person shooter pretty much but has a different look and flavor from others that are out there. You can take over enemy robots and vehilces which can be useful. The biggest challenge is taking code being developed by another company for the XBox and make it work reasonably quickly and look pretty close on the slower PS2. We need to be finished very soon now.

I still own a Commodore 128 which is a C64 with some added stuff. That was great time to be playing games though.