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Thanks People for your re-actions.
For Johnnie C - On getting facts right. As I said I downloaded Vols 1, 2 and 3 but when I went back to the site a couple of days later these had disappeared,and today I still can't see them?
I think Rikki has a great idea in having more Latin, Jazz etc presets and putting a large choice of the modern styles in custom/memory/sd cards. As Walt in effect says, these generally have a pretty short shelf life.......
Sorry Alec, but your sample list of music just doesn't appeal - guess it's a case of one man's meat...... To me they just don't compare with the "standards" many of which go back nigh on 70 years and are still appealing.
Finally, I echo John C's appeal for GREAT LATINS. Just been listening to Dudley Moore's recordings in these styles and wishing that these could be transcribed as styles for my kn.


YOU SAID "quote"
I've just re-visited the Technics site and these styles have been deleted with a note saying that the Kn2600 styles for Kn7000 are currently unavailable. I wonder why....

I SAID quote
you are wrong to say that the KN2600 styles for KN7000 have been deleted because that is incorrect, the reason being they have yet to be put up & have not been available

what is a standard
is it a means by which to judge your age in which case you will only like music styles of music you remember from an age gone by like 60 to 70 years or more
What about them long haired lovers from Liverpool who's music was considered outrageous at the time by the middle aged fraternity
What about that idiotic gyrating indecent greatest rock singer of them all called Elvis Presley who shocked parents to take such drastic action as to not allow their children to even listen. RESULT not only standards but GREAT STANDARDS Oh! sorry I forgot BEETHOVEN

Please, don't preach to me about standards.

As for GREAT LATIN styles
a samba is a samba, a salsa is a salsa, and so on just how many styles of the same rhythm do you think there ought to be or better still just how many can you cope with or use.