Hi All,

What's that they say about a gift horse! I recall just a week or so ago people were talking about having to buy styles. Here we have a bunch of free ones and people are complaining! If you don't like them don't use them but why knock them.

I seldom play a real song using a Techno Style for example but I will push the button, pull up a great sounding set synth sounds and just start playing.

What comes out may not be something I'd want any of you to hear but it sure feels good to play it at the time.

And since I'm not blessed with an SD card what would really be great is if we could load the styles we like into memory as built ins in the first place. With the addition of a USB port we should be able to connect any SD reader to the keyboard. Download the styles we want and disgard the ones we don't. Of course we can't.

Finally, of course the "old standards" sound better to someone who grew up with them. I like them because my father played them on the piano in the bars.

But to me many of the songs Alec mentioned are standards or will be 30 years from now.

Having been a mobile DJ the reason I quit is because people have developed such narrow listen habbits. If we played 2 country songs in a row the big band people would grown. Play 2 rock songs and the country people would grown. Play two Rap songs in a row and everyone growned except the kids.

Remember back in the old days when they only made two keyboards the piano and the pump organ. If you've been to the Steven Foster Museum you know that even that is not true. They had a piano with 5 sets of keys.

We all have diferent tastes so let's cut eachother some slack and appreaciate the hard work that's gone into the new FREE site.

Thanks Alec and Chris!

"And pay the man behind the curtain no mind!"

Heather- Leesburg, FL PR54