Hi Alec,
awesome. The "velocity switch" sound edit is amazing on the guitars. At first I couldn't work out where the fret & thump noises were coming from as they didn't have their own accompaniment part . I then realized they were coming from the strumming guitar part itself.
So I checked the sound edit. Sure nuff, someones been doing some pretty tricky sound editing, Wonder who ???? ( haa haa)
Actually the guitar parts would make some pretty amazing pads.

I personally don't use a great deal in the way of Rock & Modern Dance styles ( even though I've bought & collected them over the years). Having said that, the Modern Dance styles have some amazing sounds. The ballads are really lovely and will come in handy and the strumming styles are great.

I'm off, back to the keyboard and the sound edits ( one's never too old to learn something new).

thank you
best wishes

Originally posted by technicsplayer:
have a listen to the strumming guitars and some of the new synth effects in the styles
best wishes
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