Thanks People for your re-actions.
For Johnnie C - On getting facts right. As I said I downloaded Vols 1, 2 and 3 but when I went back to the site a couple of days later these had disappeared,and today I still can't see them?
I think Rikki has a great idea in having more Latin, Jazz etc presets and putting a large choice of the modern styles in custom/memory/sd cards. As Walt in effect says, these generally have a pretty short shelf life.......
Sorry Alec, but your sample list of music just doesn't appeal - guess it's a case of one man's meat...... To me they just don't compare with the "standards" many of which go back nigh on 70 years and are still appealing.
Finally, I echo John C's appeal for GREAT LATINS. Just been listening to Dudley Moore's recordings in these styles and wishing that these could be transcribed as styles for my kn.