Hi John,
sometimes I really miss the old days going back to the kn2,3,5's. Technote used do some great styles for those keyboards, I especially loved the Americana series of style disks. The disks weren't cheap ( at the time. I had to order them from the UK as they weren't available locally) but I didn't mind paying for them, it was like xmas when they'd finally arrive, and I'd eagerly go through all the new styles. I really enjoyed the " Strictly" series also titles like strictly ballroom, strictly latin. At least you were getting the type of styles you liked instead of having to buy a disk with a mix of styles ranging in anything from techno to a vienesse waltz.

Don't quite know what happened in the years between my kn5 & kn7 ( I dropped the music for about 4 years) but it's a bit dissapointing that styles don't appear to be being written anymore.

Admittedly the old styles do load into the kn7, but they don't seem to sound as good as they did on the old keyboards at the time.

Maybe nowadays with the internet, people expect to be able to get styles for free, whereas a proffessional style writer would have to make a living. Maybe that's the reason for the lack of new proffesional styles.

best wishes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by bruno123:

Does any one know where I can get GREAT LATINS, and some GOOD Rock styles?

Thanks, John C.
best wishes
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