Hi Ogre,
I'm only guessing, but I would say that these styles are new to the kn2600.
I had a brief play on kn26 a few weeks back, and I noted at the time that there were a number of styles I had never heard before modern ones like rock, pop etc, . The rest sounded very familiar ie the jazz, latin etc. The kn26 on the whole, still seemed to have an overall mix of styles similar to what the kn7 has.
The KN7 itself has a mix of styles including rock, pop, modern dance ( most of which I hardly use, either) but I suppose they have to have them for the players that do.
(an old saying springs to mind " one man's trash is another man's treasure" )

Personally I thought it was great that the trouble was taken to convert these styles for use on the kn7, no mean feat as a lot of time would have been spent on sound edits etc. Even though I doubt I'll get much use from the Rock & Modern Dance styles, the ballads are really nice & useable, and the strumming styles, intriguing..

On a different note, I for one, would be happy if technics programmers on future keyboards would cut down on the number of modern inbuilt styles & give us additional new Latin, Jazz & Swing, Movie, Easy Listening type styles, and put the more modern styles in the custom memory/sd card, where you have the option keeping them in the custom memory, or loading something else over the top of them.

best wishes

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