Hi Johnnie,
What I meant was that the reference to vol 1, 2 and 3 had disappeared from the site. Whether the styles appeared under a slightly different description I haven't bothered to check.
On standards. My definition of these in popular music (as opposed to classical) is a song/melody which is almost everlasting - examples etc being from such as Berlin,Cole Porter/ Gershwin etc.
With regards to styles, these to me are the rhythm part of a song whether it be jazz, swing, waltz etc. As for sambas, and other Latins, while the basic rhythms are always the same, thus making it so easily identifiable as a samba etc,there are many variations that can be introduced to make each interestingly different while still retaining the basic Latin rhythmn, which is why we ask for "great new Latins." Much the same can be said of all rhythm styles.
As one of the middle aged fraternity I loved the music, and styles of the Beatles back in the early 60's, and rock when it was fresh and new,, but the latest garage etc with it's to me tuneless "melodies" and moronic rhythms - say no more. Soreee if I offend anyone


PS give my love to Brixton. Used to work at Pride and Sharks on Saturdays as a part time motor cycle salesman. Are they still there?