Just been playing through Vols 1, 2 and 3 of the Kn2600 Custom styles for the 7000 downloaded from the Technics site a couple of days ago. Now I know you can fool some of the people some of the time but apart from one, these 45 styles were to me just plain rubbish,and would have been a complete put off if they had been on the 7000. I can only assume that the 2600 is a scaled down version of the 7000 aimed at the younger musically illiterate end of the market. Having said all that, some of the intros and endings were interesting and there were some great and clever edited sounds and effects.
I've just re-visited the Technics site and these styles have been deleted with a note saying that the Kn2600 styles for Kn7000 are currently unavailable. I wonder why....
My interest is in jazz/swing and some Latin, mainly bossa nova, and I don't understand why some of these styles were duplicated from the Kn6/6500. If Technics programmers have run out of inspiration, I would suggest they listen to the drum/bass of the likes of say Oscar Peterson and Dudley Moore.
Is it worth my while downloading the Kn SD Card Patterns Library for the 7000 or is this more of the garage, hip hip, rock rubbish?
Incidentaly there was talk on the forum a little while back when Alec mentioned there was something great coming out from Technics for the 7000. Any news of this Alec?
PS Feel much better for getting this orf my chest. Nothing like stirring the pot ;}