As one of the younger (ish - I'm in my mid 30s) members I think it's good that Technics are taking steps to appeal to the younger market. For example, I was pleased to see some of the more modern styles on the KN7000 such as the House and Europop styles. I play a couple of songs by Sash that I use these for. I like the strong on the beat vs. off the beat sound you get on some of the Europop styles.

I also play Rock, Metal, Blues, 60s, 70s, 80s stuff as well, so it's good to have a broad range of styles.

To me, it sometimes seems like the Technics keyboards are not addressing the more modern musical tastes as comprehensively as some of the other manufacturers' keyboards do. I think it's good that Technics have presumably realised that this is an area of the market for them that they would like to address better than they have done up until now.