Well yeah, if they were slightly more popular. There are piano lessons, organ lessons, trumpet lessons, etc., etc. etc. Each requires a different skill. Same can be said for getting the most out of an Arranger KB. In fact, it may require several skills, such as, arranging, and the ability to realistically simulate non-keyboard instruments on the keyboard. Understanding the role of the drummer is key and if you're not a drummer, how do you learn such things. Another needed skill is knowing which/what lead voice to play over a given background. I have heard some SZ performances lately where one, two, or ALL of these skills were missing. Songs played all the way through with ONE (horrible) lead voice consisting of multi-layered something or other (maybe calliope, strings, tuba, and ocarina, mixed together) played like a chorus several milliseconds off the beat. I didn't throw up but I did pass on dinner.

I don't know if you can actually teach timing because the player doesn't hear themselves being out of time. But for the other 98% of people who don't have this problem, it is a nightmarish listening experience. It is only exacerbated on a arranger keyboard with it's metronome/rhythm machine-like precision.

Luckily, most don't (and couldn't) play for pay but still manage to find long-suffering audiences to subject to megawatt 'performances'.

So, the question is, given the unique nature and capabilities of modern arranger keyboards, should MUSIC STORES, teaching studios, and private music teachers, provide arranger KB-specific instruction OR just continue to improve the technology but leave the poor customer to muddle through on his own to learn how to get the most out of these instruments.

Motorhome dealers provide driver training courses before they turn you loose with a $300k, 40ft, 35,000lb, 4-500hp, motorhome.
Beech, Cessna, and most small plane manufacturers have flight schools and safety courses for their specific planes.
Given the uniqueness and complexity of today's MOTL and TOTL keyboards, shouldn't Korg, Yamaha, Roland, and Ketron do the same?

Just asking.

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