As service manager for the UK distributor I am getting pretty peed off with people in the UK quoting SZ and telling me the Audya is not reliable.

We work hard in the UK to make sure our Ketron Users do not have problems with their instruments. We don't ask Audya owners to open their keyboards and poke connections this is bad practice; our customers have paid for the the right to expect support from the shop they purchased from and us, the distributor.

If we do have a problem I expect the owner to get on the phone to either their retailer or us at Ketron UK. If there is a genuine problem with a new instrument we will most likely send them a new instrument. If its a user problem (which is normally the case) then we will help them sort it over the phone or by email or in some cases sort it out for them, even if it means driving across the country to do it.

If you have a problem with your Ketron, wether its a user problem or a fault don't grumble about it here and expect a response from the factory - I guarantee you wont get it, Instead get on the phone to your retailer and demand some blood. If they wont help then call your distributor. You paid them money make sure you get what you paid for. If the distributor refuses to help you tell me and I will report them to the Italians!!!

With regards to the factory. As a distributor if I have a problem I cannot solve, then I email my contact at Ketron Italy and they will come back with an answer or suggestion normally the same day, sometimes the following day if he has to ask an engineer.

If we can look after our customers this way in the UK, then I don't see why you guys in other countries settle for less from your suppliers.

I joined this forum to talk about music and keyboards and Hammond stuff...but instead ended up here. And sorry I am not spending my evenings and weekends looking after other peoples customers.