Eventhough I will never sell my KN7000 for some of the reasons you gave, I must admit I am always looking for the Holy Grail myself.

I have bought a Roland G70, Korg PA-800, Kurzweil K2661,Kn5000, Kn7000 and My Audya76, Muse Receptor, and vArranger. This is not counting all the Yamaha's, Casio's, and Rolands prior to the last ten years mentioned above.

My point is that each one offered something unique, and each were different, not necessarily better or worse.

I enjoy playing with my toys I couldn't afford while raising a family. I may never find the perfect keyboard, but it's been a helluva ride.

pa4X 76 ,SX900, Audya 76,Yamaha S970 , vArranger, Hammond SK1, Ketron SD40, Centerpoint Space Station, Bose compact