For me, there is no competition - give me the clarity of the sounds and rhythms on the KN7000 any time. They make you want to dance/sing as soon as you hear them.

The T4 does have a few excellent sounds and rhythms but far too many 'gimmicky' sets which I assume are aimed at the younger generation.

Let me put it this way - you often hear people complaining they cannot hear the words of the singers today, either the backing music is too loud forcing the singer to raise the voice thus causing distortion in some way, or it's a digital recording. I phoned in questions to our local radio station asking why don't we get to hear the words of a song anymore? or why do we have to keep upping/lowering the volume of a TV because the background music varies so much and why do we have to suffer so much background music anyway? The reply was that digital recordings aren't always done in a studio, but part of it can be done on location (particularly videos) thus using different types of recording gear. In this day and age of 'smart' technology I find that unbelievable!

However to get back to your question, this is how I see the difference between the KN7 and the Tyros 4. Some of the stero sounds on the T4 e.g. pianos, strings and accordions are really good, but the big bands, guitars and voices are not a patch on those on the KN7 for clarity and neither are the multipads, they do not incorporate 'phrases/fills' like the KN's do, but of course almost everything can be changed to suit your taste - but it does entail a lot of button pushing.....

If ever I was granted a wish, it would be to have a keyboard designed and set up, exactly like the KN7000 but using the Tyros 4 stereo sound system. What a combination that would be eh? Ah well! I'll dream on


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