background information
I have been playing piano since 1.5 years old (I play mostly by ear). I guess you would say the "talent curve" has flattened off since then (in otherwords, I am nothing special for my age now wink
I played trumpet in school bands (about 8 years).
I have been out of school a LONG time
I have had the kn5000 for ~17 years now and haven't really been able to get inspired (all the styles and instruments are kind of "worn out ")---it only took me about 17 years to get to this point.
I play for fun and enjoy making my own compositions up (can't write music and reading music is weak---I can read right hand and guitar chords)
technics made an amazing keyboard for its day, but they are no longer in business (therefore, no support, warranty, parts, etc). If they were still in business, I would be getting their flagship. that is why I am reluctant to get a kn7000--no further support (and the kn6000 had some features that were removed from the 7000---so I might have considered that)
In fact, one of the places I have been trying the tyros 4
*does* have a used kn6000 (slightly beat up)
the yamaha feels like it is built better---and after exploring more of the sounds, it does sound pretty good.
Perhaps I could sample the backgrounds that I like into the tyros and loop them?
There was some mention of a program that converts files---I will certainly look into that. that gives you some (boring) information on me