Hello Roger,

Yes, I met one or two of them at Pakefield in April. I have to say I was more than impressed with the PA3X, it not only had many of the simple functions of the KN7 on board, but in certain areas you would think they were playing it, the sounds were so much like the KNs. One of the things I really liked was being able to set up styles in advance whilst playing, in readiness for the next tune and having a choice of intros (mix & match fashion if you like. I was interested in the 76 note model but I did wonder whether it would be left 'soundless' should there be a 'glitch' with the speaker bar, but never got around to asking them. (maybe it has a battery backup on board?) It is also expensive, and although they made me a really great offer for my Tyros 4, I really want to find out more about it and spend some time playing it, before making a final decision.

Hope you and Midge are keeping well.


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