Many have wanted to hold on to the sounds, styles songs created on our older keyboards but there is a price to pay.

Songs-Midi Files; There are two ways of saving a midi file that you have created. 1- Saving with the sounds of the Kn5000. The other is saving the Midi file with General Midi sounds. Most like to save their work with the Kn5000 sounds they are better than the General midi sounds. However if you are trying to bring your song to another make keyboard you can only do that to midi file that has been saved with General midi sounds.

Since the message that is given to another keyboard from your Kn5000 is not a word but computer data the second keyboard will have no way of selecting a Kn5000 sound to match.

1-Kn5000 has a number 1 which selects a trumpet. (I am using number 1 only as a example) the second keyboard may be using number 1 for a Grand Piano. So the part that the trumpet was playing is now being played by a Grand Piano when you load it to another keyboard. In short, you must have the knowledge and patients to change the instruments that are not correct. There have been many times when the drum part was being played by a Piano. (ouch)

2-Note; If the midi file was created using the styles in the Kn5000, (and I call that a technics file) the file must be resaved as a midi file.

3-Having said all of that; I have tried editing Yamaha files and styles so they could play on my Kn7000. At a later time I tried editing Kn7000 songs and styles to use with my Tyros3. After a bit of work I got fair to acceptable results. Styles created for Technics were created for a Technics keyboard having a different overall sound than a Yamaha and it the same every time you take data/song/style from one keyboard to another. Some of our gifted forum members have made have edited other make styles with much effort.

Phil, there is more I am suggesting that you walk slowly into the midi file area and invest your time learning options in the Tyros4 if thats your choice. Doing just that is a handful. Then re-record the songs you love n your new keyboard they will sound much better.

Im scrambling to help but I feel knowing more about you and your knowledge of keyboards is a must if we are going to go further.

Take good care, John C.