I know I have said this before but it will all depend on the type of music you play Philip. There no keyboard out there that will play big band type of music as the Kn7000. It was created for those times. And -- the Kn7000 does not sound as good as Yamaha for contemporary music. I am not talking about one instrument sound, it is the overall sound and that is what is important.

Have you listened to today’s big band play Glenn Miller, they sound great but they do not have that Glenn Miller sound. They did not live and play in those times, and their instruments are different; their feel is different. And so it is with Technics and Yamaha and Audya.

I have played the Kn7000 and Tyros 2 and the Tyros3 side-by-side through the same amplification (I owned both) and the difference is not small. One of my favorite instruments is the Trumpet; I played one years back. I found it in possible to get the same sounding trumpet on Yamaha. Yamaha had great trumpets but not like the Kn7000 -- it is Harry James sound. (The older sound)

My humble opinion, John C.