Hi,the KN7 has a file load/exchange to let you take previous KN model files to be loaded with 95-99% success. This was included in the internal software because Technics wanted previous customer to do just what you want in keeping their hard work. It's a lot of hard work to start allover.
As far as the Yamaha O.S. it is noway as user friendly as Technics. To be fair I have worked as a product specialist in retail for Yamaha even teaching Yamaha Music School (late 1970-1989)Then moving to become a Director of a Technics Dealership for a number of years.I can truly say both companies have produced great products.
I now have my trusted old KN7 plus many/many style files and play a Tyros 4 on odd times at my local bar for free and easy singalongs,yes it's great but I feel happy when I get home.

Reagrds John