Hello Bill,

Thankyou for your quick response. I knew something was not quite right about it, but couldn't remember why? I've noted it in my telephone contacts now. (Senior moment again...)

By the way, I've been playing my KN7000 all afternoon. Just loaded my SD Cards and played to my hearts content - what a joy!

By comparison, I've had the Tyros 4 since last Christmas and am only half-way through loading and saving my Medleys Bk.No.5 - still got 22 to go to catch up with the KN7 sets. If it wasn't for the members on the Yamaha forum who so generously convert and allow others to use their 'tweaked' styles, (the KN series are excellent), I would have got rid of it a long time ago - it's entails far too many button pushes which is very time consuming leaving very little time for playing which I'd much rather do.

Philip - thank you also for putting this Audya demo on. Music-wise it is right up my street. I love all the Miller tunes, rock-n-roll, boogie, jazz and the like BUT NO WAY CAN I PLAY LIKE THIS CHAP. He is a pleasure to listen to. I was wondering whether he is 'left handed' seeing as he uses his left hand so much, if so, it will be very encouraging for my grand daughter who plays the piano really well despite being left handed. I have a video of a left handed pianist - it is fascinating to watch him play the piano.

Do you know whether he has made a recording of Glen Miller's 'Moonlight Serenade'? This is the tune I always use when trying out instruments as for me, Miller's use of the big band sound is still very much 'alive' compared to some of the newer keyboard big band sounds and I think this man's rendition of 'In The Mood' proves a point, as well as showing what a great instrument Audya is.

Thanks again.


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