Peter said:
“The younger players seem to want gimmicks that they can play around with but our era want good solid musical sounds which is what the KN7 gives us.”

Playing at home and playing out for people is not the same; even if you are playing in a Nursing Homes. I find that 40% of the songs I am playing in a nursing home are not the music of my era; it is rock orientated.

I am a youngster of 80 years, thank you God, and I am in love with gimmicks. My new keyboard is a Korg Pa800, it’s fantastic. I can change almost every part of the keyboard to what I want. It is like a computer, it’s just filled with gimmicks.

Soooo, after I finished playing the Pa800; by playing I mean songs and gimmicks and gimmicks, I go to my Kn7000. Peter the songs sound different; real – clear – my era. If you were watching me when I go to my Kn7000 you would see a gentle smile,ya know like when you come home and you’re safe.

Roger, the transition from a Kn7000 to a Korg comes with a steep learning curve. You can do so much with the keyboard but you must prepare to play less; It is not for everyone. I own one because I love gimmicks but when I am done I go to my Kn7000 to play the music I love. I keep thinking that with a new keyboard I’ll be able to do much more. I have bought and sold: Psr2100, Psr3000, s900, Tyros 1, Tyros2, and a Tyros3. There are all gone. Why do I put my Kn7000 up for sale; a mood, boredom, looking for a perfect wave.

Good health to all, John C.