AS Jim Nabors said..In Gomer Pyle USMC..

Here it is 16 months after buying my G70..I finally spent time listening and editing (yes editing) synth tones on the G70..

The G70 has a load of great synth tones..that will compete with the Big 3 workstations..20 some pages of tones..

Now the surprise....although the edit tools are slightly different to what I am use too..with workstations....The G70 is really deep with sound design..

I knew there were no LFO controls, but soon found out..I could get the same results as I can on workstations...The way the simple page of edit parameters work together is ..well...surprising..

The vibrato debt , rate and delay along with the cut off and Reso controls ..allow you to come up with rhythmic, pulsing type of effects...and what is really nice on the have immediate access to the sliders to experiment quickly..
And don't forget the tuning of each part for those 5ths, 7ths and 19ths..

You guys/gals that own a G70 and E-80...Check out the large supply of synth tones on the preset pages...find the unusual tones..then go into tone edit...and experiment to see how the sound designer came up with the interesting movement of the synth tones....

And I didn't even mention the insert effects our finger tips..

When it comes to sound editing ..I and many other folks (although I always gave the edits more credit then most G70 owners)..have sold the G70 short...way short...