I acknowledge that standing while playing the keyboard offers the best performance visability, but unfortunately (for me) it's turned out to be a not very comfortable or healthy playing position for my back now, especially because my playing style also requires foot pedal use (right foot: sustain pedal & Reg Memory advance, left foot: drum fill & vocalizer on/off pedals.

Unless I have at least an elevated stool to sit or lean against for support, standing is no good for me (especially for mutiple sets), as it means (in order to play the pedals) that I have to be constantly shifting my body weight (support) from one foot to the other.

On the other hand, sitting (with my derriere firmly planted on a keyboard bench) permits both feet to easily access the foot pedals at will, yet maintain solid centered support of my upper body seated firmly on the keyboard bench. Less performance visibility perhaps, but my lower back feels so much better now.

I realize that guys like Donny & Uncle Dave usually standing when playing the keyboard, so I'm curious if you guys ever experience back pain. Do you guys use foot pedals at all? I myself am not able to play the kb as an acoustic piano without a sustain pedal.

Interested in getting feedback from all you keyboard performers out there to find out what keyboard playing position (sitting or standing) works best for you these days.

Thanks, - Scott