Dear Gunnar,

Hi! It is good to hear from you, so far away from me geographically.

You mentioned that it is not possible for me to answer any questions in a simple way, but rather use long terms in a "cryptic" way that can be read in more than one way, according to your own words. I believe that many of your life experiences have pointed out to you that simple, easy, straight or binary (Yes/No) answers are often not conducive at all to genuine understanding. They only satisfy those who want an instant fix or clarification. They do not warn against pitfalls, prejudices and assumptions. They hardly penetrate and provide little information that illuminates a subject or situation. Therefore, they are not substitutes for critical and reflexive thinking, no matter what the social background or profession a person may possess.

How typical and consistent it has been for some people in the Synth Zone to think ill and speak badly of others when in fact others' intentions are basically good and amicable! My comment about you being a dark horse is a case in point. The comment is meant to be a compliment to you. A dark horse is a person or a competitor who has an unfathomable or indeterminate potential, or who achieves something great or victorious contrary to the expectation or circumstance of the person and/or others.

Your own countryman, the Norwegian singer Kurt Nilsen, a former plumber, was declared and predicted by Simon Cowell as a dark horse that could indeed emerge triumphant against all odds. In an industry that values styles and looks over substance and depth, he, basically a plumber and a devoted family man, was not expected to win at all. His performance earned comments from the judges including "you are an underdog today", "you have the voice of an angel and the face of a hobbit", and "you are a little dark horse". Soon after, Kurt won World Idol's clash of the world's Idols. He was in total shock at the entire situation when he realized that he had won. He acquired maximum points from nine of the eleven countries that voted in the contest for his rendition of U2's "Beautiful Day". Amazingly, Kurt ended up with 106 out of a maximum 112 points that were available. In addition, he also won the Norwegian version of Pop Idol in May 2003. His single "She's So High" went straight to number one in the Norwegian singles chart and is the country's biggest selling single to date.

As to your inclusion of the animated GIFs in my treads, there was no offence at all. I already wrote previously that I enjoy your impish humour ---- a quality often lacking in some people in the Synth Zone. Obviously, you have not lost the kindness and sense of wonder in you, even in circumstances that may have easily brought out the unsavoury or unflattering sides in other people. Let me declare in the first place that the last sentence is meant to be another compliment, just in case some people in the Synth Zone would again intentionally regard it as negative, unjust, patronizing and demeaning.

My position regarding the TAMMY project is as stated before: As I write this, my idea of the TAMMY project is already in the public domain. If someone has the foresight and recognises its potential, then it will be used sooner or later. If, however, there is no taker, then we are still better off at least to the extent that there is a pregnant idea or option out there for those who want it. If some people find ways to commercialise it, then that is good for them too as long as they balance their financial gains with the good that the idea may bring.

So, as you can see, it is a very open position, in every sense of the word "open".

For you and I, since English is not our native tongue, we already have something fundamental in common. Perhaps our experiences in learning foreign languages and cultures have taught us to be kind, cautious and considerate, to avoid jumping to conclusions, and to refrain from being too hasty to judge, dismiss and vilify something and/or someone that we have yet to be able to understand and appreciate. And I am willing to salute you even just on that basis alone.

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