Dear All,

As an incentive, if and when the website for the TAMMY project does get off the ground, I shall post three or more of my arrangements/variations onto the site as inaugural contributions that will also serve as examples for other participants. Of course, anyone is welcome to comment on my works, as I did yours. The very thought that this opportunity to review my music could indeed be your chance to pull me apart so hard that I am unable to put myself back together can also be another incentive for you to make the TAMMY project a reality.

You are welcome to guess now which Technics instrument is going to be the one used in producing my arrangements/variations. All will be revealed when the website is up. Then the rest is mostly up to you.

Let's hope that the TAMMY project can be one of the highlights for all of us who enjoy music making.

All we need at this foundational stage is someone who has the expertise to design and automate a website for the TAMMY project.

This website should be part of, or affiliated with, one central site that is already well-known to many people, such as TechnicsForAll, the Synth Zone, and any other relevant sites of considerable popularity and/or reputation.

The TAMMY project website can also be mirrored at one or more other sites to increase the size and diversity of its "clientele".

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