Dear RMepstead,

Thank you very much for your interest. Just like you, I am looking for a host to get the project off the ground and carry it to fruition. As I stated in my third posting in this thread:

All we need at this foundational stage is someone who has the expertise to design and automate a website for the TAMMY project.

This website should be part of, or affiliated with, one central site that is already well-known to many people, such as TechnicsForAll, the Synth Zone, and any other relevant sites of considerable popularity and/or reputation.

I have provided the concepts and the guidelines for implementing the project. And I hope that owner(s) of certain sites will bite the bullet and provide the space and tool for all of us to submit our contributions.

Can you help in any way through some suggestions, lobbies, actions and/or plans towards achieving the goal that will ultimately benefit many of us?