Excuse me Khai,

but is there just a tiny tiny little chance or a possibility that you ever will
be able to answer any questions just as simple as they are asked?
Several questions are asked in a way that you easily could answer yes or no, or
am I wrong? As a example: http://www.synthzone.com/ubbs/Forum25/HTML/002926.html

I'm sorry to say that due to my limited knowledge of the foreign languages, in
this case English, have problems to understand your way of writing and also your
(sort of speak / as I see it) kind of "indelicate manners" here at SZ.
I don't mean to say that you are a rude person, believe me, but you make me feel
that you're looking down to other people from someplace high abowe, or maybe the
right word for what I mean are haughtiness?
Also I can see that there are several members here who get a similiar reaction to
it and who also try to tell you, but you just (deliberately?) carry on the same
As far as I know, English are the native language for many of the members who post
about it, and it make me feel that maybe my understanding of it is not at all as
wrong as I thought at first.

To me it seems like you're trying to make some "hullabaloo" here, and that you are
(more or less) perfectly aware of it.
In a earlier tread there was speaking of horses, please, why not just try to climb
down off of your high horse, and get real, at least try to write in a way so maybe
a simple guy like me (without any university education) can understand it.

Happy playing and posting.

Btw, in the same tread linked earlier in this post, you wrote:
QUOTE: "..You can see that there have been enough misunderstandings and assumptions
going on..." END QUOTE.

Hmmm... wondering what medicine to cure that impression, maybe a little humbleness,
and also the fact that it is not nessesary to always have the last word in a tread
or discussion?
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)