[QUOTE]Originally posted by Khai:
Dear Gunnar Jonny,
you may well be the dark horse in the Synth Zone
I am sorry that I have say that your need or shall
I say craving for writing seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
There are people on this forum that I have had a run in with on many occasions but most are my friends and I wholeheartedly agree with what they say.
It is obvious that you are a student and have chosen this forum to practice your English or otherwise what motivation would you have to bellicose in such a manner.
Do you live in such a sad little world that you have no friends to talk to,do you not have anything better to do with your time you seem to have more than your fair share.
It is probable that the majority of the people on this forum are middle aged 50 or over and possibly really not interested in what could be termed as a scientific approach and most certainly do not wish to be patronised.
As far as suggesting that Gunny Jonny is the dark horse of this forum is concerned, I would suggest that you do him an injustice because for your information Gunnar Jonny is one of the most respected members here.
Now be a good chap and go and annoy some of your Yamaha friends.