To Phil Lynch (Joe), RMepstead, and whomever it may concern,

I know that I have written a lot, and that there is a great deal to digest. Apart from the fact that we all need time, patience, understanding and even a dose of scepticism and the benefit of doubt to register new or radical ideas, I would sincerely hope that there is something much more in my proposal than that which meets the eye or ear.

I also believe that I have already made it quite clear in both the threads "TAMMY: Inspired Variations" and "Collective Music Making on a Theme" that the purpose of this project is ultimately beyond my personal need or aspiration. The project is meant to become a platform invested with far more global, participatory, heuristic and long-term goals than just the mere whim or desire of a person wanting to set up his or her own website from scratch for people to know his or her music. Hence, the project should be implemented at an already well-known and established site, with the enticement of the availability of a large number of contributions by many people, as well as the excitement of a far greater exposure of the posted musical works to a large public.

Furthermore, I am not even strict about whether the web designer(s) will follow my script to the letter, for I did indicate that it can be changed or adapted to suit the design/format of the adoptive website(s).

As I write this, my idea is already in the public domain. If someone has the foresight and recognises its potential, then it will be used sooner or later. If, however, there is no taker, then we are still better off at least to the extent that there is a pregnant idea or option out there for those who want it. If some people find ways to commercialise it, then that is good for them too as long as they balance their financial gains with the good that the idea may bring.