Dear Joe,

If you still think that what you have repeatedly asked for an answer is really the crux of the issue, then you are sorely missing the whole point. Please go and read my fifth, eighth and thirteenth posts of this thread as well as the opening post of the thread "Collective Music Making on a Theme" with greater understanding and open-mindedness. Also, read my other posts and threads as correlations if necessary. They contain not only the answers that you are seeking but also a range of far more important issues, in which you will sooner or later begin to show an interest, as I sincerely hope so!

There is simply no comparison between the importance and benefit of the implementation and avaiability of the website that I propose, and your wish to listen to my musical works, as flattered as I am by your explicit and repeated request. As I already stated with clarity before, the project is meant to become a platform invested with far more global, participatory, heuristic and long-term goals than just the mere whim or desire of a person wanting to set up his or her own website from scratch for people to know his or her music. Hence, the project should be implemented at an already well-known and established site, with the enticement of the availability of a large number of contributions by many people, as well as the excitement of a far greater exposure of the posted musical works to a large public. Therefore, I (and I wish that you too will) give such a project (whether it has been proposed by me or someone else) a higher priority over my own music or yours.

Thank you.

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