that's OK, not nessesary to reply any posts at once, you know, we're living in
different parts of the world, and since you are down in Australia and I'm up on
the top of the world, you probably sleep when I'm awake and vice versa.

In my post I started with a simple question, and again it looks like that is not
possible for you to answer any questions in a simple way, but rather use long
terms and in a (again, as I see it) rather "cryptical way" that can be read in
more than one way.
Maybe it's the language who are the problem, but I've analyzed as best as I can
using my limited skills, and still having the same feeling as I had before.

Everybody at the forum like to see new members coming to participate and have a
nice time here, regardless to skills, and I know Nigel welcome all of us with open
arms and mind.
I'm pretty sure that this are the same regarding to your arrival here, but maybe
it's time for you to analyze too? Could it be that there is something you could do
to "calm down" the feelings some members here give expression to?

Your Tammy-project are probably good, but could it be that you started in the wrong
end? Maybe you should created a website due to your interests at first and then
announce it here and invite people to participate, and not a kind of ask people to
do it all for you?

Regarding to the animated gifs in your treads, it was not to offend you in any way,
it was my way of "peeking in and run out again due to this was way over my head" in
hopefully a humoristic way.
But as you can see, I did not resist to take a peek again, and to say some words.

As for the dark horse comment (since it was me that startet about horses in a tread
that is deleted now), I'm maybe a horse, but sure not dark, I'm blonde.

I'll rest my case, have a nice weekend.

Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)