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All I can do is hope Winter NAMM 2015 brings some ground breaking NEW designs in arranger KB's...fingers crossed.

We don’t need better arranger keyboards. We need better musicians to play what we already have because the law of diminishing returns, reference arrangers, is finally beginning to surface. Really.....the only thing left is for the manufacturer to stock up the OS with pre-set songs so you can just press the stop for whatever tune you want and move your hands like you’re playing.

But let me correct what I just said. We don’t need just “better musicians.” We need musicians playing arranger keyboards “better.”

Many play arranger keyboards, but few players really milk the keyboard dry with everything that it’s capable of doing now!

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QUOTE: "I've seen many wonderfully talented Mexican guys playing arrangers both here and in Mexico. Most I've seen don't have the latest totl models, but sound great on what they have."

It appears the more gimmicks a keyboard has, the more the player relies on it to do all the work.