Well here's the view from Southern NJ and this being a tourist area I think its a good representative of a lot of the US now. I may have missed something hidden in a corner but I do monitor the local scene pretty well.

Live Bands -- a Few. 5 -9 piece show/dance groups that travel in for special gigs.
One very good local Blues Band that works about 2 times a month
2/3 piece groups with Backing tracks. --- A lot and more that travel into the area
Guitar player /singers with / without backing tracks--- A million and counting . Lots doing "Open Mics" for free.
DJs who sing with tracks or just DJ. A handfull, some working for tuna sandwiches.
Solo Pianists --- Three, but spotty gigs. Two travel in ( both with International Resumes ) and a local guy just got cut by a local winery so two who are working.
Solo singer who sings with tracks from his keyboard --- 1
Does the same act and uses the same tracks with his Wedding band.
Arranger OMB's ---Me, thats makes 1, but I also DJ and am moving into backing tracks. Otherwise none, nada, zilch , 0, not even in NH.

So how does that translate into instrument sales, which drive manufactures to bring out new models, which is what we started the thread about ? Very low percentage of working musicians using them but I can't speak for the home hobbist.
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