Donny, do you have more jobs scheduled for 2015 or fewer? For me, I am taking six months off, and still have more jobs than the previous year for the same time period. And, I still have a couple places that have not booked 2015 yet, but they will within the next few days.

These are not ALL nursing home/assisted living facilities. Several are private parties for specific holiday occasions. Others are staff parties, and there's the usual number of wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, etc...

Now, there are at least three new retirement communities opening within 15 minutes drive time from my home. One, that opened just a month ago, has already called and booked me for six months of 2015.

I was at a golf course country club yesterday, I was introduced to the club manager, and she said "Oh, I've heard about you. Would you be interested in performing at the country club a couple times a month beginning in January?" When I explained that I will not be in Maryland until the end of March 2015, she said that's fine, but could I please send her a contract listing some specific dates so she could advertise them in her country club newsletter. And, that was after I told her my fee.

So, maybe things are going sour in NJ, but for us southern OMB guys and gals, we sincerely believe that OMB entertainers using arranger keyboards are going to be around for a long time to come. Donny, you've been playing this same, old tune for a couple years now, and the answer from all of us has and will be the same - we're here for the duration. You may be in a state of panic about the future of arranger keyboards, but no one in my part of the world is gonna loose a minute's sleep over your post.

Gary cool

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