I agree that better musicians should win out but they don't. Its market driven and what sells is "Entertainment" not musicianship for the most part. I can play acoustic piano and sing pretty well but will I get hired anywhere, no. As I said in my other post, there are two guys just playing piano here and they are both world class. A few people notice their fine playing but most are there for dinner and really don't care.
I've gotten a big education since moving here and have decided to give em what they want. I'm moving into the dreaded SMF's, but they do sound fuller than anything I could play live. Its economice too. 6 piece bands are down to 2 or 3. Solo acts need to sound like 3 or 4. Saw a new duo the other night Guy with an old Korg 01w keyboard, computer, and a really good female vocalist. Even his keyboard solos were pre-recorded. did anyone care, no. They appalauded and danced as thought there was a really good live band there.
I used to use two keyboards and bass pedals with a live drummer. Love to do it again but those days are gone. Its a strange business these days. I like you don't like it but it is what it is.
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