As mentioned in previous threads, all the manufactures say (Off the record) that arranger sales are on the slide, with the main clientele being 70+ and using about 2% of current arranger keyboards capabilities, thus it will have to change or go the way of the organ market in the late 90s on.

Ironically with advent of new entry level organs (And the adaptions of arrangers into organ style setups) organs are making a resurgence. (Its never going to go back to what it was but it is encouraging) Basically users are getting fed up of pressing a button and playing along to a style, but instead want to try full playing themselves, (Which is much more satisfying)

If you think about it everybody enjoyed the music made before styles, using just a drum box, and the artist could be identified by their playing style, (Something that is virtually none existent on arrangers) which made them stand out.

Arrangers need to change if they are to survive, (Rumours are abound that Yamaha is working on something new to get themselves out of the downward spiral) and sticking your head in the sand is not going to cut it.

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