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don't take those things into upscale country clubs (unless you're booking it as a karaoke act) and fine dining venues. Leave those for the 'starving musicians' who've paid their dues and actually learned to play their instruments (and rarely brag about it - ever notice how people that are really good at something are the most humble about it) chas

Dues ... Schmooze - I've paid more than my share, and the instrument had nothing to do with it. Starving musicians do not deserve any job I can handle because I'm smart enough to play what the client WANTS TO PAY for. I will never starve ... in music, or elsewhere. I do plenty of upscale events on my arranger keyboard, and it's nobody's business how much is automated or how much is manually generated. There is a place for solo, acoustic players and most of those places won't pay much because they don't GENERATE enough income from the addition of that "seasoned, albeit starving" pro player. You have a lot of nerve telling anyone what to play or where it's appropriate.

The relationship between a client and a performer is based on need and value. You provide a service worth selling .... and people will buy it. Econ 101
Every instrument, every voice, every sound in nature ... these are are all my private tutors ... 24/7 for free, and all I have to do is listen.