Bill, I'm amazed that there are not more OMB entertainers in NJ using arranger keyboards. Granted, there's only a handful of us in my part of the mid-Atlantic region, but I would think that there would be far more in your area, mainly because of the number of retirement communities and assisted living centers. Down here, in the frozen wilds of Maryland, retirement communities are springing up all over the place, and the demand for guys like me is incredible.

In the Florida Keys, especially during the height of tourist season, there are hundreds of places that have musical entertainment nearly every night of the week. For the most part, it's "Have Guitar Will Travel" entertainers that by and large, are not really very versatile. Consequently, when an OMB entertainer that can sing well, and has a reasonably good arranger keyboard, and can read an audience shows up, the guitar guys usually take a back seat.


Your killing me. I gotta move !!! I really don't want to do NH but have tried. They just don't pay musicians. One large one told me her entertainment budget for the month was $150. She offered me $50 for an hour and said she would give me another $25 out of her pocket. I politely declined. Others just rely on what they get for free. This business relies a lot on where you are and the demographics.
Maybe "The Villages" in Fla. is the place to be.
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