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But apparently, from your own mouth (sure haven't heard you admit this before), the PSR keybed doesn't hold up well to glisses and smears, both integral performance techniques for E. Piano, A. Piano and Organ patches, some of the most used (at least by keyboard players!) patches we have...

PSR (and other manufacturer's) instruments that use single contacts, and not the long continuous strip, employ keys whose shape and travel, make glissandos and especially palm smears, a bit harder to do smoothly, at least for me with my large hands, and sometimes, with an especially enthusiastic palm slide, I'm concerned that a key will snag and end up pulled out of place, or even worse, broken.

Someone with smaller hands might fare better than I, but generally I tend to be a bit more cautious with all lighter synth type actions.

Think about it, there really no arrangers that make doing palm smears (and glisses) as well as dedicated organ keyboards such as XK3c or XK1 or Nord.

The Tyros and G70 are no better at allowing such technique, anymore than they are at feeling like acoustic pianos, Rhodes and Wurlies.

That's why I express more than a passing interest in a dedicated Hammond clone with real waterfall type keys.

Perhaps we'll see such a keyboard on an arranger someday, although I think the chances would be rather slim.

My dream "live" arranger would be a double manual instrument that weighs the same as the Nord C1, but has lower 76 note with the same action as a P85 and a 61, or even 49 note, waterfall keyboard above, with the same feel as the Nord or Hammond XK...considering the 88 note P85 is so light, I think an instrument would be entirely possible.

It could have attachable speakers a la Tyros for the home crowd, and perhaps even a dedicated (optional) stand to satisfy them even further.

Yamaha makes a dual manual arranger type instrument called the D-Deck, but the lower manual is not weighted, and it has 61 keys.

Roland's Atelier is a nice idea too, but far too heavy.

Who knows what the future will bring...maybe we'll see my dream instrument someday,...they might even put a chord sequencer in it...wouldn't that be cool?


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