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Me, I prefer a keyboard that doesn't dictate to ME what I should and shouldn't play!

BTW, what's the difference in touch between the P series, and the CP series Yamaha pianos? That graded action on the CP's seems to bump the weight up to about 40 lbs.+. Is it heavier to the touch?

Of course you don't my friend...we can't have that now, can we?

In my case, I know I chose the right tools for the job...PSR-S900 does the arranger work admirably and my back thanks me at every setup....and for piano, you know that an 88 weighted hammer is the only way to go...no wimpy synth or semi-weighted action for me, and no compromise with the P85...and, I can do all the glissandos I want on it...the occasional gliss won't do any damage to the PSR, but ripping up and down on the keys with abandon every night won't do it any favors either, as it would with any light action instrument....they are not pianos and aren't meant to be played like one.

The CP-300 has a different action, GHE is a teensy bit heavier key feel as opposed to the GHS in the P-85...I had a CP-300 here for a few months, excellent sound and feel but a bear to move at 71 lbs, I really liked it, but luckily I liked the P-85's slightly lighter action better and I'm certainly glad of that as it is so much lighter in weight(25.9 lbs).

It also has half pedalling like the CP-300.

I wish I could adapt to the semi-weighted actions for piano, but they really feel all wrong to me.

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