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You can't tickle your way through them

Of course you can't my friend, but whacking a 25 lb keyboard so hard that it moves on the stand is a tad much...hence the volume control, and, of course, a decent stand.

I can play the 25 lb P85 (or the S900) very aggressively, and I've got big hands, and it doesn't move on the stand...and I'm getting those nice barky sounds out of the Rhodes patches on the piano or the S900 when MIDI'd...

You must be leaping in the air and coming down pretty hard to make an instrument of this kind of weight bounce or slide.

Thankfully your G70 can take the banging but it can't be all that good for the keystrip, and smears and slides are very hard on key mechanisms(of any brand)...just ask any repair guy or techie.

PSR's don't like being glissed or having smears played on them because of the type of contacts used (they don't use a strip like the Tyros or G70) so I tend to treat them a little gentler...of course, restaurant music doesn't lend itself to that technique much in the first place.

I'm very impressed with the action on the Yamaha P85...for an inexpensive digital piano, it is pretty well as nice as you'd want...and, it's not heavy....that part I really love.


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