Well, the G1000 took about ten years of my abuse (if you want to paint it so) without the slightest problem with the action. So far, nothing wrong with my G70's action, either. Maybe PSR keyboards don't like certain smear techniques or glisses... Me, I prefer a keyboard that doesn't dictate to ME what I should and shouldn't play!

Let's be clear, here... I don't smack anything around hard enough to make it bounce around all over the place (unless the stand is the culprit), but after growing up playing grand pianos, Hammond's, Rhodes' and CP70's, I have kind of got used to a keyboard that doesn't move a millimeter, no matter WHAT you do to it.

Touch response on electric keyboards only remains consistent if the keybed isn't moving when you hit it. Otherwise, that motion adds or subtracts from the force that you apply. After carefully honing that touch over years, I don't want anything to alter it.

Go play a grand piano standing up wearing rollerskates... Try to stay in one place..! You are imparting force on the keyboard whether you realize it or not.

BTW, what's the difference in touch between the P series, and the CP series Yamaha pianos? That graded action on the CP's seems to bump the weight up to about 40 lbs.+. Is it heavier to the touch?
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