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[b]Me, I like enough weight in a keyboard so that when I smack it around, or do a big smear or gliss, it doesn't move at all. 25 lbs. and under, I have a lot of problem with key creep (it's like pedal creep, except harder to deal with ).

I don't have any trouble with "key creep"...of course, I play with a different technique than you...a little gentler, I suppose...but because I use a proper stand, there is no bounce or movement if I play vigorously.

You'd have to banging on a 25 lb keyboard extremely hard to make it bounce or creep....25 lbs is not that light...that's about the same as a pro synth like a Yamaha DX7 or Roland D50.

You know, you really don't have to pound on them...that's why they have volume controls.

At one time we needed to play hard, as pianos were acoustic and rarely mic'd, but times have changed, my friend.

Oh well, to each his own...I'm very happy with my lightweight setup and so is my back.


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The Yamaha DX-7 weighs 31.2 pounds...