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So why isn't an NP-30 what you use for piano, Ian (or at least a non-weighted 88)...
Try putting that premise to any top PRO player lugging an RD700 around, or MotifXS8 or Nord Stage 88 (or the weighted 76). Tell them they are wasting their time using a fully weighted (or even half-weighted) action, when a non-weighted PSR keyboard does the job JUST as well.


The reason I don't use an NP-30 for piano is that I prefer weighted hammer action.

Also, it only has 76 keys, and like your G70, it feels nothing like a real piano, although it does have it's purpose for those wanting a beginner piano that's light in weight and has graded soft touch velocity sensitive keys.

That's why for solo piano, I use a Yamaha P85 which has a lovely smooth 88 note graded hammer keyboard that is a delight to play.

I don't want to compromise my chops.

I don't mind using two keyboards if it means I don't have to compromise keyboard feel for each style of play...piano is just another sound on my arranger, and a weighted or semi-weighted keyboard is unnecessary...synth action works perfectly, and keeps the arranger light and transportable.

I don't play my arranger as a piano...I don't play my piano as an arranger...I have the best of both worlds and it works fine for me.

Taken together, and in their soft gig bags, they weigh less than a G70 in it's road-case, and considering I have the luxury of carrying them one at a time, they are very easy to transport.

In some cases, I can even leave one of them at home, depending on the type of gig.

I certainly wouldn't recommend a PSR (or a G70, for that matter) to a player who expects his instrument to actually feel like a piano...but I would definitely recommend the P85 as a terrific graded hammer action lightweight stage piano, and the PSR-S900 as an incredibly efficient and compact arranger.

If the setup/tear-down time is a little longer, it doesn't matter...I plan for it, and it is well worth it.

So, in conclusion, you may love the convenience(?)) of having it all in one, albeit, quite heavy, instrument, but for me, this setup is the bee's knees.

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