Ian keeps telling us these things are supposed to be 'home' keyboards. Why would you need lightweight in a 'home' appliance..? What's next? 25 lb. refrigerators? 12 lb. sofas? Balsa wood pianos?

Hammond A100.... about 380 lbs.

Makes that E80 seem like a toy!

Me, I like enough weight in a keyboard so that when I smack it around, or do a big smear or gliss, it doesn't move at all. 25 lbs. and under, I have a lot of problem with key creep (it's like pedal creep, except harder to deal with ).

And before you all go 'adjust your touch', consider that I have spent a lifetime developing this touch. Why should I adjust? Just to accommodate a toy-built keyboard? I don't think so...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!