Sorry I'm late to this 'discussion'. I was out drinking a few pints of beer so I would be well and truly ready for a good 'pissing contest'!

The 'best' arranger is what works best for YOU, jazzy. You don't play like me. You don't play what I play. You don't play where I play. How would my choice of 'best' live arranger have any relevance to you?

Donny is right. Without hearing about WHAT you play, WHERE you play it, and how well you play, no-one can give any advice worth a damn..! Provide a bit of REAL information about your actual needs, and the replies you get might be a bit more useful to YOU.

Rather than right now, all you are hearing about is a pissing contest.... Of course, I'm SURE you didn't mean to get one of those started, now did you? I mean, where's the fun in THAT?
Oops.... my bladder is busting! Here goes....

G70... G70.... G70....

Ahhhhhh........! Relief
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!